Open Records Request

One of the key functions of the Office of County Clerk is to receive requests for records under the Open Records laws of the State of Georgia. Filing an open records request in Georgia is a simple process that has become even more accessible due to actions taken by the Georgia legislature over the past few year. Georgia’s updated sunshine laws bring transparency to government records such as meeting minutes, photographs, books, maps and an assortment of files.

To file an open records request, you may download the Peach County Open Records Request Form by clicking here. You may also write a request yourself and mail it in or call the number of the agency you want to contact. If you want to request open records from a federal agency, you can fill out a web form request. The custodian of the agency will have three business days to determine if the document you request is lawful for public inspection.

If the public record you request doesn't violate any federal privacy laws, you can access the documents you need for a minimal price. The law requires agencies to make your document experience as affordable as possible.

Requestors may request records from the Office of the Clerk during regular business hours of the County. The requests may be made in person, by mail or by telephone. If made by mail, it is recommended that this be sent via certified mail to ensure delivery and proper receipt. Peach County will not be responsible for Open Record Requests lost in the mail. For detailed information about O.C.G.A. §50-18-70 et seq click here. To file an Open Records Request at the state level, click here,

The Open Records Act only requires the production of records which actually exist and are on hand. Requests for records or documents in a particular format, layout or containing only specific criteria which the County has not actually created and has no reason to create for County purposes are not covered under the Act.

Please note that requests for Open Records from the following agencies must be made through these agencies; the Office of County Clerk only covers those departments that are under the direct control of the Board of Commissioners. For records pertaining to the following offices or agencies, please contact them directly.

  • Coroner
  • Elections Office
  • Juvenile Court and Clerk of Juvenile Court
  • Library Board of Directors
  • Magistrate Court
  • Probate Court
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Superior Court and Clerk of Superior Court
  • Tax Assessors
  • Tax Commissioner

Click Here for More Information on Georgia's Sunshine Law